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Why are so many headstones made from granite?

Carved angel from granite headstone

If you’ve ever gone into a cemetery, you may have noticed that most of the headstones, particularly the modern ones, are made from solid granite. There are many reasons that modern families decide to memorialize their loved ones with granite headstones. In fact, more than half of all the natural stone products sold in the US are granite ones.

Carved angel from granite headstoneThe durability of granite stone

Granite is one of the hardest stones that is used on headstones. The stone is so hard that it can look like new centuries after it has been fashioned into a memorial stone. The words and symbols that are engraved into granite will still stand out far into the future, making it the perfect stone to memorialize someone who will be missed.

It is so dense and durable that it is largely impervious to staining and other damage that more porous stones can suffer from. It requires little to no maintenance, so it will keep looking great over the decades.

An assortment of colors to chose from

Granite is famous for its wide variety of colors and patterns. While many people choose neutral colors such as gray or beige for a headstone, it naturally comes in a rainbow of colors. Reds, oranges, shades of white and more can be found in granite mines. It also comes with natural patterns that make each and every headstone unique because of the placement of its patterns. There are granite stones that present with pool dots, others with wavy lines, granite that has sparkly pieces of mica in it and other varieties.

This allows people to choose a granite that is most like something their loved one would have liked. It also allows for the choice of a headstone color or pattern that will stand out from those around it. From a dark, deep color that has veins of lighter colors to stones in pale colors that have darker patterns woven through them, virtually any configuration of granite colors and patterns can be found in nature.

Choosing a headstone made from granite gives the family of the deceased a lovely memorial that will stand the test of time. It will be a focal point of many years to come without it ever looking worn or stained.

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