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When is it Time to Add the Burial Monument? 4 Reasons to Wait

The final step of laying your loved one to rest is by placing a burial monument on their resting place. A monument offers closure to the relatives and friends, in knowing that they will have a physical place to remember their loved one.

During such moments, determining the right time to add a burial monument can be challenging.

However, here are four good reasons why you need to take your time, rather than rushing into a decision you may come to regret.

1. Allow the ground to settle

With fresh graves, the soil and its components are usually very friable, and in most cases susceptible to sinking. If a burial monument is erected at such a time, the headstone is at risk to lean forward or sink with the soil. Since we cannot stop Mother Nature, we recommend you wait for at least six months before you erect a headstone.

2. Clear your head

Loss of a loved one or friend is not only painful but also stressful and grief-filled, even to the strongest. In most cases, when your loved one is laid to rest, those responsible for the burial are emotionally and mentally deprived to handle any decision with prudence. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to let the head calm before hurriedly making any major decision you make come to regret later.

3. A monument is there to stay

In line to what we have just said about rushed decisions, it’s vital to note that a monument will be a representation of your loved one, where you will feel closer to them for the rest of your life and your generation to come. Before you commission the designing of any monument, you should take your time to ensure that the epitaph you have chosen is just right. In most cases, the ideal burial monument should represent what your loved one loved or liked the most.

4. Get the best materials for the monument

Putting up a monument is a big investment. In addition, for you to put up a worthy burial monument, you will need quality materials, which is why it’s well worth it to wait for a few months. During this period, you can source the best materials and company that is sure to provide you with the value your loved one deserves.

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