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What You Need to Know About Headstone Installation

installed headstone in cemetary
installed headstone in cemetary

Installing a headstone is among the best ways of honoring a deceased loved one. Although installing it is an important aspect of honoring a departed relative, there are many important things one needs to understand about headstone installation. Here is what you need to know about the installation process of headstones.

Understand the cemetery regulations first

Each cemetery has a specific set of regulations and rules regarding the type and size of headstones to be installed. Some cemeteries don’t allow large headstones, while other cemeteries accept both small and large headstones. Before installing a headstone, confirm with the cemetery whether they have any limitations on size and type of headstone you want to be installed.

Shop around for the best headstone

Headstones aren’t built equal, they come in a variety of materials and designs. Since you want to give your deceased loved one great honor, shopping around for a best-designed headstone is important. Upon visiting our headstone store, go through a variety of headstones so that you can view multiple options to choose from. You can also get a customized headstone from us. Having a customized headstone allows you to select a design you prefer.

Look for a reliable installer

Even with the best headstone, picking an inexperienced installer can ruin the process. Therefore, having a reliable installer fit the headstone is crucial especially if you are installing an expensive one. We are excellent and reliable installers, and where necessary, we can provide our clients with photos of the previously installed headstone. When requested, our staff can also accompany you to the cemetery during the decision process.

Headstone installation is an important aspect of remembering and honoring a deceased loved one. If you want a headstone installed for your loved ones, contact Columbia Gardens Memorials for more help. We design and install monuments and headstones throughout the greater Washington D.C. area. In addition, we provide onsite-inscriptions and monument cleaning. Contact us today, 703-527-7774 for more information.


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