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Tips for choosing the right headstone inscription message

female hands with pen writing on notebook

female hands with pen writing on notebook

The process of selecting a headstone inscription can be overwhelming, and stressful. However, it can also be an excellent source of comfort and joy if you choose the words carefully. While it is a distressing time, this process allows you to reflect on your loved one and the memories you shared. Headstone inscriptions can act as a symbol of legacy and can have phrases that indicate the passions and interests of your deceased loved one. While choosing a headstone inscription, use these tips to guide you.

Take your time

There’s no rush in coming up with the best inscription and you shouldn’t feel guilty if it takes a while to find the right words. It’s sometimes advisable to delegate this task to one family member for approval by the others. However, each family member may wish to give their views and opinions on the subject before shortlisting the words and phrases to be incorporated.

Keep it simple

A shorter description will always have a more significant impact than a longer one. There are no legal obligations which bind you to include full names and dates. A simple look will give the headstone a stronger feel.

Avoid generic phrasing

“In loving memory of” is one of the many common phrases used and has begun to lose impact. A favorite quote, line from a poem, etc. that speaks true of your loved one will have a stronger effect. You can even brainstorm some of the ideas with your headstone designer.

Consider the headstone material

Headstone materials require different inscription letter forms and will determine the length of the inscription. For instance, a slate headstone can take lots of small italics letters and thus a longer inscription. However, a limestone headstone will only allow large, bold lettering which shortens the inscription.

Avoid copying

If you search monumental masons’ sites, you will find different templates to choose. However, if you can avoid this and follow your heart, you will come up with unique terms to avoid going with the trends.

Finding a person to guide and work with you is essential. At Columbia Gardens Memorials, we offer both on and offsite headstone inscriptions throughout the Greater Washington D.C. area. Contact us today and let our staff assist you in finding the perfect words to commemorate your loved one.


2 thoughts on “Tips for choosing the right headstone inscription message”

  1. There is a lot that you have to consider when choosing a headstone inscription. However, I do like the article’s suggestion about keeping it simple. After all, your inscription should reflect your life, so you don’t want it to be too long or too complicated.

  2. These are some fantastic tips; after all, when you are designing a loved ones headstone, it helps to be a little simple when it comes to the words. I also like that the article reminds readers to take the material that the headstone is made from into consideration. After all, you will want to make sure that it is a suitable material, but also easy enough to etch your message into it.

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