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Tips for choosing a headstone engraving for a loved one

headstone engraving

headstone engraving

In many ways, a headstone dictates how our loved one will be remembered – not least of all, the words that are engraved on the headstone. How do we want to remember them? We may feel at a loss for words when making the decision as to what we will engrave on a loved one’s headstone, so here are a few tips for choosing the right engraving:

1. Keep it simple

Although it may be tempting to choose a long and flowery text over a short, simple one in order to honor our loved one, simplicity is often more meaningful and profound than a long description. Carefully evaluate everything that you would like to engrave on your loved one’s headstone, opting for the concise over the unnecessarily lengthy. In this case, less is often more.

2. Be original

While you may look around and find plenty of inspiration elsewhere, it’s important that you don’t defer to something that has been done many times before unless it really speaks to your loved one’s memory. For example, phrases like “in loving memory of” are extraordinarily common – is there a better way to express this sentiment? Take your time in order to remember and honor your loved one as a unique individual.

3. Thoughtfully assemble the letterform and text

The letterform and assembly of the text may seem like a minor detail, but this arrangement can actually make all the difference. Typically, you won’t have much stylistic say over the design of a headstone, but you will usually be able to determine some factors, such as the arrangement of the text and the size of the engraving. Carefully consider the arrangement and what would best suit your loved one’s memory.

A beautiful headstone engraving can transform a loved one’s headstone into an incredible tribute to their life, legacy, and character. It can be a daunting challenge to determine how we want our loved one to be remembered for not only our lifetime but generations to come. We hope that these tips and suggestions help you in determining how to best honor your loved one.

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Photo Attribution:Headstone engraving by S John Davey licensed under Creative commons 6


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  1. Taking the time to remember and honor your loved one with a unique phrase on their headstone is a great tip. My mother-in-law wants to look for headstones for her dad that would fit his personality. I think I will talk to her about thinking of something original to put on it.

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