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Pet Memorials

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People have had pets for centuries, over the years the role our pets play in our lives has changed from pet, to companion or best friend, and now for some of us our pets are our children. No matter what your pet was to you, when they pass on there is a sense of sadness. No one to welcome you home after a long day, no one to snuggle with when you are sad, or protect you when you are scared. Sometimes it’s not until they are gone that we really realize how much they meant to us, or the impact they had on our daily lives.

Just as you do when losing a family member, burying your furry friend and having a memorial service can provide a sense of closure. There are many ways to memorialize a pet, you can go as big or small as you would like to and there is no right or wrong way to say goodbye.

Pet Burial or Cremation

Whether your pet passes at home naturally or must be put to sleep by a Veterinarian, you have the option of having your four-legged friend buried or cremated. With pets the cost of cremation is more expensive. If you should choose cremation, your Vet will send your pet off to be cremated individually so you can retain the ashes.

Burial options will depend solely on where you live, some cities have rules about burying pets on private or public property. Check with your local government if burial is what you want to do. There are some Veterinarians that can provide you with an imprint of your pet’s paw, and other small keepsakes.

Memorializing your Pet

After choosing how you wish to lay your pet to rest, you then have the option of holding a memorial service with friends and family. If you’ve chosen cremation, you may consider spreading your pet’s ashes at their favorite park or even under their favorite tree.

Whether, you’ve chosen burial or cremation having a memorial stone or pet memorial made is a great way to keep their memory alive. You could have the stone placed in a local pet cemetery, your garden, or even inside the house in special place.

Designing a Pet Memorial

With pet memorials you have creative option and choices. You could have the memorial stone, or headstone, crafted into a shape such as a paw print, bone, or heart. You could also opt for a more traditional design such as a square or rectangle. You also, have the option of having the memorials stone crafted as a stepping stone. Most pet memorials are crafted from granite or stone, although you do have other options.

Inscription and Epitaphs
One of the hardest parts of any end of life preparation is choosing the inscription or epitaph. We do recommend taking some time on this decision, after the pet memorial has been engraved, it is more difficult to change. For the Inscription consider including their name, nickname, and dates. Date style can be written month/day/year or just in years. You will also want to include an epitaph. Here are a few common ones used with pet memorials:

  • You were my favorite hello, my hardest goodbye
  • You will always have a paw on my heart
  • You left a trail of beautiful/ happy memories
  • If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.
  • Remembered always, a loyal special friend
  • Happy Memories will live forever
  • Our beautiful boy/girl
  • Remembering our dear
  • In fondest memory
  • Special memories of
  • My wonderful companion
  • Our best friend
  • Always by our side

The loss of a pet can be a difficult and lonely time, for many. Having a way to keep your pet’s memory with you, can provide a sense of closure and peace. Pet memorials are also a great way of providing one’s self with a place to visit their beloved furry companion.

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