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Ideas for Personalizing a Headstone

Petty Officer 2nd Class Mark Logico, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Petty Officer 2nd Class Mark Logico, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Personalizing a loved one’s headstone is an important part of memorializing and honoring the life of our loved ones. When personalizing a loved one’s headstone, we should consider the things that set them apart and were important to them, such as their interests, hobbies, career, family and life style. Selecting a headstone style, size, and material is only the first step in creating a lasting memorial. The next step is personalizing the headstone, so it is as unique as our loved one. Below are a few ideas to personalize a loved one’s headstone.

Adding Statues to a Headstone

Statues make for a creative and unique addition to any headstone or memorial monument; because they can be crafted to represent something that the deceased loved. Statue additions such as a basketball, instrument, animal, or other hobby are popular. Even more so are the use of religious symbols, such as a statue of an angel, cross, or Bible, to represent one’s faith or religious beliefs. When selecting a statue, one has the option of making it the sole piece and having it inscribed; or alternatively, the statue can be attached to the headstone as an addition. Statues can be crafted from a variety of materials, however for the sake of durability and longevity granite is the most highly recommend.

Memorial Benches

Another great option for personalizing a headstone is the addition of a memorial bench. Memorial benched can be crafted as a standalone piece or built directly onto the headstone. A more traditional memorial bench has two legs and can have a custom inscription engraved into the bench seat. Memorial benches crafted with a solid base provide more room for engraving. Enabling custom engrave inscriptions to be added to the top of the bench and/or the base. Granite is another excellent choice for memorial benches, but marble is also another great option. Memorial benches make for a wonderful addition to a cremation memorial.

Personalize a Headstone with a Medallion

Medallions are an easy affordable means for personalizing a headstone; because they can be added to the headstone later. Headstone medallions come with double sided tape that allows family members to easily affix the medallion to the headstone themselves. However, we do recommend having a monument builder sandblast an inlay, so that the medallion can be set into the headstone to better protect it. Headstone medallions are most often made from brass with a bronze finish. There are several options available, some of the more common categories include Vocational (i.e. nurse, police), Community (Shriners, Boy Scouts), religious, family, and tribute options (cancer, sobriety). There are several options available for veterans and eligible service members. The VA also provides military medallions to eligible service member, who already have a personal headstone, if they passed away on or after November 1, 1990. For more information on available military headstone medallions visit the Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration online.

Memorial Vases for Headstones

Some cemeteries do not allow flowers to be placed on the ground, therefore memorial vases make for a wonderful headstone addition. Memorial vases make for a unique way to personalize a headstone for families that like to place flowers at their loved one’s grave to keep it vibrant, share their love, and show they have visited. Memorial vases are available in granite, bronze, or marble and there are a variety of different sizes, styles and designs to choose from. Granite memorial vases also give the additional option of selecting from a wide array of colors. Memorial vases are also versatile and can be attached to any headstone, flat marker, or monument and they can be attached the headstone base, if that is an option, or another part of the monument. As a bonus, memorial vases are another personal touch that can be added when the headstone is originally crafted or in the future.

Personalizing a loved one’s headstone is about creating a lasting monument that pays tribute to the life and memory of a loved one. The use of statues, vases, medallions, and memorial benches are just a few of the many ways one can add a unique a personal touch to a loved one’s headstone.

If you, or a loved one, are considering options for adding to a loved one’s headstone or if you have any questions regarding headstone personalization options, the friendly staff here at Columbia Gardens Memorials is always here to help. Call us today at 703-527-7774 for further assistance.


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  1. It stood out to me when you explained that memorial vases can be added to any headstone or monument without too much effort. I want to help my family design a meaningful memorial for my cousin who passed away from cancer last week. I plan on visiting and placing flowers often, so your tip about including a vase is much appreciated.

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