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Granite Headstones: Why do people love granite headstones?

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One of the primary goals here at Columbia Gardens Memorials, is crafting unique and meaningful memorials that can with stand tests of time. Which is exactly why we recommend granite headstones. Granite for headstones is an excellent option, that we love not only for its beauty but, its durability. Granite has been around for centuries, evidence shows ancient Egyptians used granite to build most of their monuments. Being one of the oldest stones on earth, it is derived from ancient volcanoes where the magma has cooled down slowly to form large rock crystals. These crystallized structures give the granite its unique luster and strength. The only other stone harder is a diamond, making granite the perfect material for preserving the memory of a those we have loved.

Granite in History

Looking back throughout history most monuments were made from slate, sandstone, or marble. It wasn’t until around 1850 that monument builders started carving and using granite for headstones. Thanks to its durability and hardness, no other stone could hold up to the elements like granite. Unlike the other materials used in headstones and monument granite does not shatter, deteriorate, or stain. As magnificent as granite is though, you do need to ensure that the monument company you are working with is using a good quality granite because, its cut and polish will determine the longevity and appearance of the monument for decades to come.
Granite is a naturally beautiful stone and each slap is unique, having its own pattern and sparkle. The primary minerals found in granite are feldspar, quartz, and mica; and it is these elements and their varying quantities that determine the color, texture, and strength of the granite. Once polished the beauty of granite is second to none, the colors become more vibrant and bring out the unique details. Polishing granite is important because, it provides a second layer of protection and creates a barrier between the pores of the stone and the elements, thus increasing the life of the monument.

Marble Headstones verses Granite Headstones

There was once a time when monument builders did not have the tools necessary to carve such a hard stone. Therefore, marble was the easiest and best choice for sculpting. However, times have changed and monuments builders around the world are creating a wide range of designs and text styles in granite monuments. Granite has also proven to be better suited for with standing the elements. A properly crafted granite headstone will be legible for hundreds of years. Whereas, a marble headstone often experiences wear over time and becomes smooth causing any designs and inscriptions to become difficult to read.

Why People Prefer Granite Headstones

Affordability and durability are certainly the primary reason most individuals opt for a granite headstone. However, granite headstones come with the additional benefit of being available in a wide range of colors. Granite Colors include varying shades of: gray, black, red, pink, brown, green, and blue. With so many options and the unique characteristics of each slab of granite, it makes it easier to create a more personal and meaningful monument.
Burial monuments and headstones are intended to be a permanent and lasting tribute to the life of your loved one, allowing future generations to visit for years come. Granite headstones are an excellent option and one we feel you would be happy with. With the granite’s tight structure, you can be sure that the condition of the stone and the inscription will be legible for hundreds of years. A granite headstone can provide you with the durability, quality, beauty and affordability you desire when paying tribute to the life of a loved one.
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