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Five Features of Successful Mausoleum Entombment

Family Mausoleum

Family Mausoleum

You are probably aware of the common challenges of a mausoleum entombment like odors, leaks and flies. Decomposition of bodies is a natural process just like breathing and digestion. It does not disappear since we lay departed to rest within a crypt. If a deceased is left unconfined, by-products of the decomposition process will damage the integrity of the mausoleums.

There is no point of investing in a cover that protects a casket but does not contain the decomposition process. You would love to enter your family’s mausoleum expecting a serene environment. The only way to guarantee that is to have a successful containment system. Here are the qualities that you should look out for.

Hermetic seals

Adhesive seals are perfect for temporary closures. A superior containment system will give a permanent closure that is gas, air and water-tight.

Strong material

Being able to contain decomposition is only a first step. The body of the containment system should be able to prevent elements from getting inside the containment system. It should be strong enough to stand the test of time.

Absorbent lining

You should be aware that decomposition by-products do not disappear even after containing them. A good containment system should be able to manage all the phases of decomposition through the provision of full incorporation and coagulation of liquids.

Pressure relief valve

Outgassing is a significant part of decomposition process and calls for ventilation. An advanced system will vent at a higher internal pressure and emanate little to no odor.

Safe and easy to use

A containment system should give employees with the monument company a comfortable and safe entombment process. You should keep in mind the number of people that may be laid to rest in the mausoleum.

You should choose a confinement system for you or your family members that will permit visits from friends and family. It will allow them to have the chance to visit and remember their loved one, commemorate significant occasions; the focal point of memorialization without being met by odor or leaks.

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