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10 Famous Graves from Around the World

10 Famous Graves from Around the World

Even in death there is no rest for the rich and famous. Adoring fans and grave hunters flock from around the world to pay their respects and visit the grave sites of their favorite celebrities, heroes, and even those famous for egregious acts. When visiting these gravesites many will leave flowers, coins, small mementos, or photographs. Unfortunately, there are many non-fans that would vandalize, rob, and desecrate these graves, making it more difficult for those who care to get close enough to pay their respects.

Interesting Facts about 10 Iconic Gravesites

1.) Elvis Presley

The most flower sales recorded in history, were on the day Elvis Presley, the “King of Rock and Roll”, died. Upon visiting Elvis’s grave, adoring fans typically leave a teddy bear, a tribute to his hit song Teddy Bear. After receiving numerous threats, for the graves of both Elvis and his mother, they were moved inside of Graceland where they could be better protected.

2.) Marilyn Monroe

Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn Monroe’s ex-husband, adored her. Despite their divorce, he had vowed to Marilyn to always show her just how special she was in life and in death. After her passing he was so devastated that he set up arrangements with a local flower shop to have red roses delivered to her grave 3 times a week for 20 years.

3.) Babe Ruth

Every year, In New York, hundreds of visitors flock to the grave site of Babe Ruth, the “Great Bambino”, to pay their respects to the baseball legend and leave behind souvenirs, mainly baseballs and bats. With the family’s permission, a longtime curator for the Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum took some of the many items, that were left by Babe’s fans, back to Boston to create a memorial there.

4.) Oscar Wilde’s

Despite having passed over a hundred years ago, Oscar Wilde, the unconventional author, remains adored by many. Thousands visit his tomb each year in Paris, lighting candles and leaving a kiss upon his tomb. In 2011, in order to protect Oscar’s tomb a glass barrier was built around it.

5.) Jim Morrison

Best known for his time as the lead singer for The Doors, Jim Morrison’s grave is also located in Paris. After dealing with continues issues of vandalism a metal barrier was built around his grave to thwart further defacement. His grave has been known to be protected by a guard, and his visitors now pay their respects by leaving stickers on the barrier or placing a stick of gum, in a nearby tree.

6.) John Wilkes Booth

Known for the Assassination of America’s 16th President, President Lincoln, Booth’s famous for his actions as a traitor to his nation. He is buried in a family plot in Baltimore, and visitors will leave pennies, with President Lincoln’s profile facing up, in honor of the late President. Many individuals claim it is a form of payback for the assassination.

7.) James Dean

The notably handsome and masterfully talented actor, James Dean was loved by women everywhere. Following the tragic accident that ended his life, at the young age of 24, James was buried in his home state of Indiana. It is typical of the women who visit his burial site, to leave a kiss mark upon his headstone.

8.) Princess Diana

Princess Diana was laid to rest on an island in the Spencer family estate. The estate is only open to the public during specific times of the year, enabling visitors to pay their respects. The estate features a beautiful path, leading to Diana’s grave, that is lined with 36 Birch trees, a symbolic representation of her 36 years of life.

9.) Mel Blanc

The infamous American voice actor, Mel Blanc also known as “The Man of a Thousand Voices” is notably remembered for being the voice behind the Looney Toons characters. True to his personality, Mel chose to have the epitaph “That’s All Folks” inscribed on his headstone as his last words.

10.) Michael Jackson

Following his death, many believed Michael Jackson’s burial site would be the next holy grail, or most visited burial site in the world. Michael Jackson, dubbed by the masses as the “King of Pop” was always highly guarded in life and remains so, even in death. Jackson’s mausoleum is watched over by a security guard, and only family members are allowed to enter. His fans and visitors often leave behind flowers, gifts, and pictures in honor of his memory.

Visiting the grave of a loved one often helps to bring closure, this is equally true for those that did not know the deceased personally. It is not uncommon for people to visit the burial sites of famous people and celebrities, whether driven by a love of history, curiosity or admiration for the contributions of the individual.


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