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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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  1.  What are my options for cremation?
  • We offer a wide variety of urns for cremations. Additionally, we do offer cremation headstones and memorials for those that would like to have a place to visit.
  1.  Do all cemeteries allow the same types of memorials?
  • Some cemeteries do have their own set of rules regarding the types of headstones and memorials they allow. The type of memorial could also be affected by the plot you have selected, we strongly recommend speaking with the cemetery where you would like to have the memorial installed and getting a copy of any rules or regulations they may have.
  1.  When adding dates to a headstone, should I use years only or months, day and year?
  • When adding the birth and death dates to a headstone or memorial, the dating format is a personal preference. However, infant headstones are typically engraved with the month, day and year.
  1.  What type of stone is best?
  • Although, there are several different types of stone to choose from, we do highly recommend granite. Granite is very durable, does not stain, and will last the longest. In addition, granite comes in a wide variety of color options, adding a unique touch to each monument crafted.
  1.  Are there limits to what I can have on the memorial?
  • The size and type of memorial or headstone you select will be the primary deciding factor, as to how much room you have for inscriptions, insignias, and custom artwork. For example, with an upright monument you can have both the front and the back of the headstone engraved.
  1.  Are you able to inscribe monuments in languages other than English?
  • Yes, this is not an uncommon request and our craftsman are skilled in the art of stone engraving.
  1.  Do you offer any warranty or guarantee for your work?
  • Yes, we guarantee our workmanship against premature deterioration. We do not provide a warranty for any damages, theft, or vandalism to the monuments, markers or vases after installation. Homeowners insurance often covers damage to monuments and markers you own. For more information you would need to check your policy and speak with your home insurance provider.

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