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Over 50 Years of Expert Craftsmanship

We Believe in Creating Quality Monuments that Stand as a Lasting Tribute to the Memories of All

Todd and Michelle Wolfe, Owners at Columbia Gardens Memorials and Arlington Memorials Company
Todd and Michelle Wolfe, owners at Columbia Gardens Memorials and Arlington Memorials Company.

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About Columbia Gardens Memorials

Founded in 1964, Columbia Gardens Memorials is a monument company based in Arlington, VA and serves the greater Washington D.C. area. With more than 50 years of experience, Columbia Gardens Memorials has become a premier distributor for unique custom memorials, civic and public monuments, headstones, gravestones, memorial benches, mausoleums, memorial plaques and more.

Columbia Gardens Memorials offers a wide array of services, with everything from custom design to headstone engraving and installation. The staff at Columbia Gardens Memorials prides it’s self on craftsmanship and quality. Designing and crafting exquisite monuments and headstones, to serve as lasting tributes to the lives of lost loved ones.

A Rich History of Expertise and Professionalism

Columbia Gardens is owned and operated by Todd & Michelle Wolfe. Todd is a licensed funeral director in the state of Virginia, as well as, an United States Navy Veteran. He has nearly 2 decades of professional experience working in the monument design industry. Todd and Michelle Wolfe own both Columbia Gardens Memorials and Arlington Memorials Company.

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Have questions about our products and/or services? We are here to help. Our entire staff is specially trained to answer any and all of your questions. From the basics to the complex inquiries, the staff at Columbia Gardens Memorials is here to serve you.

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COVID-19 Update

We are continuing to practice social distancing and following CDC guidelines, to protect our community and staff. However, we are open and available to serve you. Todd and our engravers are back on premises working and we are accepting appointments during our normal operating hours. To schedule an appointment with us please call our office at (703) 527-7774 or email us at

Thank you for your understanding during this time. – The Columbia Gardens Memorials Staff